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We believe that the home is your sanctuary and a place where peace and nurturing resides. The earth element of wood represents a timeless foundation of grounded strength and stability and our bespoke designs help carry this energy into your home. Each piece is created with a sustainable approach that alligns with our core values and beliefs. Our mission is to create luxury furniture for everyday use that lasts for generations. 



Our products are concieved through a blend of practicality and inspiration. Creating pieces that are hand made by one man one pieces at a time. meant to be used, to be enjoyed and to feel good is important to us. Creating pieces that are built to last lifetimes and part of your most cherished memories are also important to us.  Each piece of wood, when possible, is responsibly sourced from a certified sustainable supplier. On a case by case basis, we will use reclaimed wood.


With over 40 years of experience designing and sculpting fine furniture, we specialize in bespoke wood furniture, wooden doors, and mirrors. Kokora also oversees full-service design projects and installations.  

mantis chair

The Mantis is the ultimate luxe lounge chair. Designed for endless hours of comfort without compromising style. Also available with removable custom cushions .

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 6.46.14 PM.png


We honor each design element- sculpting, the grain direction, colors of the wood- when approaching the final stage of our product in applying the finish.  The unique characteristics of the wood embody an energy that can be heavy and seducing or light and expansive.  We carefully pair the wood to create a harmonious marriage of balance with perfection in the impection that ultimately comes to life with the finish. 

Our bespoke finishes are environmentally friendly using sustainable resources that are non-toxic. 

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mantaray chair 17.png

Mantaray Chair

The Mantaray is hand sculpted  until the wood starts to breathe life.  A beautiful option as a set or paired with the mantaray bench around your dining table. 


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